Just Some of the PlayList, it is now over 1,000 songs in different playlist rotations.

OVER 50 HOURS of Hammond Generated and Leslie Driven Music  Sept. 2012
Artist Title Album Filename Rating
11steps 40 Days 11steps 11steps_-_40_Days.mp3 4.7
11steps Another Day 11steps 11steps_-_Another_Day.mp3 4
11steps Except For Love 11steps 11steps_-_Except_For_Love.mp3 3.4
11steps I Need Shelter 11steps 11steps_-_I_Need_Shelter.mp3 2.7
11steps Let It Go 11steps 11steps_-_Let_It_Go.mp3 6.9
11steps Lone Ranger 11steps 11steps_-_Lone_Ranger.mp3 6.9
11steps Picking Hopes 11steps 11steps_-_Picking_Hopes.mp3 4.1
2B3 High Heel Feat The Toronto Sessions Bill_Payne__Michael_Fontara__Doug_Riley__Lance_Anderson__Rob_Gu_-_High_Heel_Feat.mp3 5
2B3 Hip Hug-Her The Toronto Sessions Rob_Gusevs___Bill_Payne_-_Hip_Hug-Her.mp3 6.3
2B3 Steel Onions The Toronto Sessions Doug_Riley___Michael_Fonfara_-_Steel_Onions.mp3 6.3
Akiko Tsuruga Booga Lou Sweet and Funky Akiko_Tsuruga_-_Booga_Lou.mp3 5
Akiko Tsuruga DLG Sweet and Funky Akiko_Tsuruga_-_DLG.mp3 4.4
Akiko Tsuruga Stormy Weather Sweet and Funky Akiko_Tsuruga_-_Stormy_Weather.mp3 5
Akiko Tsuruga Sweet And Lonely Sweet and Funky Akiko_Tsuruga_-_Sweet_And_Lonely.mp3 5
Akiko Tsuruga Where Is The Love Sweet and Funky Akiko_Tsuruga_-_Where_Is_The_Love.mp3 5
Al Kooper Albert's Shuffle Rare & Well Done: Greatest & Most Obscure Al_Kooper_-_Albert_s_Shuffle.mp3 4.8
Al Kooper Don't Be Cruel Rekooperation Al_Kooper_-_Don_t_Be_Cruel.mp3 5
Al Kooper Honky Tonk Rekooperation Al_Kooper_-_Honky_Tonk.mp3 5
Al Kooper I Love You More Than You'll Ev Soul Of A Man: Al Kooper Live Al_Kooper_-_I_Love_You_More_Than_You_ll_Ever_Know.mp3 4.6
Al Kooper Season Of The Witch Rare & Well Done: Greatest & Most Obscure Al_Kooper_-_Season_Of_The_Witch.mp3 5
Al Kooper Soul Twist-ed Rekooperation Al_Kooper_-_Soul_Twist-ed.mp3 5
Argent Cast Your Spell Uranus Ring Of Hands 03_Cast_Your_Spell_Uranus.mp3 2.6
Argent Hold Your Head Up Greatest Hits: Singles Argent_-_Hold_Your_Head_Up.mp3 6.3
Argent Lothlorien Ring Of Hands 04_Lothlorien.mp3 5
Atomic Rooster Devil's Answer The Devil Hits Back Atomic_Rooster_-_Devil_s_Answer.mp3 3.3
Atomic Rooster Loose Your Mind The Devil Hits Back Atomic_Rooster_-_Loose_Your_Mind.mp3 5
Atomic Rooster Lost In Space The Devil Hits Back Atomic_Rooster_-_Lost_In_Space.mp3 3
Atomic Rooster Play It Again The Devil Hits Back Atomic_Rooster_-_Play_It_Again.mp3 3.8
Atomic Rooster The End Of The Day The Devil Hits Back Atomic_Rooster_-_The_End_Of_The_Day.mp3 4.8
Atomic Rooster Tomorrow Night The Devil Hits Back Atomic_Rooster_-_Tomorrow_Night.mp3 1.9
B.C. Read 1,000 Miles (From Chicago) 1,000 Miles B.C._Read_-_1_000_Miles__From_Chicago_.mp3 6.1
B.C. Read Number Two 1,000 Miles B.C._Read_-_Number_Two.mp3 5
Barbara Dennerlein (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Outhipped Barbara_Dennerlein_-__I_Can_t_Get_No__Satisfaction.mp3 5
Barbara Dennerlein Bloody Mary Outhipped Barbara_Dennerlein_-_Bloody_Mary.mp3 5
Barbara Dennerlein Farewell To Old Friends Outhipped Barbara_Dennerlein_-_Farewell_To_Old_Friends.mp3 7.6
Barbara Dennerlein Funkish Love Letters Barbara_Dennerlein_-_Funkish.mp3 4.8
Barbara Dennerlein I Miss You In a Silent Mood Barbara_Dennerlein_-_I_Miss_You.mp3 6.3
Barbara Dennerlein ID ID intro_Dennerlein.mp3 4.9
Barbara Dennerlein Lost Friends In A Silent Mood 07_Lost_Friends-1.mp3 6.8
Barbara Dennerlein Odd Blues Outhipped Barbara_Dennerlein_-_Odd_Blues.mp3 5
Barbara Dennerlein Organ Boogie Bebabaloo Barbara_Dennerlein_-_Organ_Boogie.mp3 5
Big Boss Man Out Of Time Humanize Big_Boss_Man_-_Out_Of_Time.mp3 5
Big Boss Man Sea Grove Humanize Big_Boss_Man_-_Sea_Groove.mp3 5
Big Organ Trio Holy Roller Big Organ Trio Big_Organ_Trio_-_Holy_Roller.mp3 6.2
Big Organ Trio Number 9 Big Organ Trio 05_Number_9.mp3 6.4
Bigger Than A Breadbox Dropxdrop Is It? Bigger_Than_A_Breadbox_-_Dropxdrop.mp3 4.7
Bigger Than A Breadbox Lucky Dark Bigger_Than_A_Breadbox_-_Lucky.mp3 4.2
Bigger Than A Breadbox My Greatest Miss Dark Bigger_Than_A_Breadbox_-_My_Greatest_Miss.mp3 4.9
Bigger Than A Breadbox Piece Of String Is It? Bigger_Than_A_Breadbox_-_Piece_Of_String.mp3 4.3
Bill Doggett Blues For Hughes Everyday, I have the blues (1971) (The Definitive B Bill_Doggett_-_Blues_For_Hughes.mp3 5
Bill Doggett I've Been Lovin' You Too Long Everyday, I have the blues (1971) (The Definitive B Bill_Doggett_-_I_ve_Been_Lovin__You_Too_Long.mp3 5
Bill Doggett Just A Blues The Right Choice Bill_Doggett_-_Just_A_Blues.mp3 5
Bill King Trio 634-5789 Five Aces Bill_King_Trio_-_634-5789.mp3 5
Bill King Trio Come Walk With Thee Five Aces Bill_King_Trio_-_Come_Walk_With_Thee.mp3 6.2
Bill King Trio Five Aces Five Aces Bill_King_Trio_-_Five_Aces.mp3 6.1
Bill King Trio How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved B Five Aces Bill_King_Trio_-_How_Sweet_It_Is__To_Be_Loved_By_You_.mp3 6.3
Bill King Trio I Can't Turn You Loose Five Aces Bill_King_Trio_-_I_Can_t_Turn_You_Loose.mp3 5
Bill King Trio Stax 'em High Five Aces Bill_King_Trio_-_Stax__em_High.mp3 7.8
Bill King Trio There It Is! Five Aces Bill_King_Trio_-_There_It_Is_.mp3 5
Billy Cobham Electric Man (feat. Brian Auger) Drum n Voice vol. 3 06_Electric_Man__feat._Brian_Auger_.mp3 6.4
Billy Preston Billy's Bag The Most Exciting Organ Ever Billy_Preston_-_Billy_s_Bag.mp3 5
Billy Preston Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin' The Most Exciting Organ Ever Billy_Preston_-_Don_t_Let_The_Sun_Catch_You_Cryin_.mp3 5
Billy Preston Drown In My Tears The Most Exciting Organ Ever Billy_Preston_-_Drown_In_My_Own_Tears.mp3 5
Billy Preston If I Had A Hammer The Most Exciting Organ Ever Billy_Preston_-_If_I_Had_A_Hammer.mp3 5
Billy Preston Slippin' And Slidin' The Most Exciting Organ Ever Billy_Preston_-_Slippin__And_Slidin_.mp3 5
Billy Preston Soul Meetin' The Most Exciting Organ Ever Billy_Preston_-_Soul_Meetin_.mp3 5
Billy Preston Steady Gettin' It The Most Exciting Organ Ever Billy_Preston_-_Steady_Gettin__It.mp3 5
Billy Preston The Masquerade Is Over The Most Exciting Organ Ever Billy_Preston_-_The_Masquerade_Is_Over.mp3 5
Blackburn Back At The Zanzibar Brotherhood Blackburn_-_Back_At_The_Zanzibar.mp3 5
Blackburn Further On Up The Road Brotherhood Blackburn_-_Further_On_Up_The_Road.mp3 5
Blackburn Junker Blues Brotherhood Blackburn_-_Junker_Blues.mp3 5
Blackburn Movin' Brotherhood Blackburn_-_Movin_.mp3 5
Blood, Sweat & Tears God Bless The Child What Goes Up: The Best Of Bloo Blood__Sweat___Tears_-_God_Bless_The_Child.mp3 6.1
Blood, Sweat & Tears I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know Child Is Father To The Man 02_I_Love_You_More_Than_You_ll_Ever_Know.mp3 7.4
Blood, Sweat & Tears Smiling Phases Blood, Sweat & Tears 02_Smiling_Phases.mp3 5
Blood, Sweat & Tears Somethin' Goin' On Child Is Father To The Man 09_Somethin__Goin__On.mp3 4.2
Bob Heil Exactly Like You Stereo Hammond Bob_Heil_-_Exactly_Like_You.mp3 4.9
Bob Heil Sunny Side Of The Street Stereo Hammond Bob_Heil_-_Sunny_Side_Of_The_Street.mp3 5
Bob Seger Beautiful Loser Live Bullet Bob_Seger___The_Silver_Bullet_-_Beautiful_Loser.mp3 5
Bob Seger Lookin' Back Live Bullet Bob_Seger___The_Silver_Bullet_-_Lookin__Back.mp3 4.1
Bob Seger Ramblin' Gamblin' Man Live Bullet Bob_Seger___The_Silver_Bullet_-_Ramblin__Gamblin__Man.mp3 6.3
Bob Seger Travelin' Man Live Bullet Bob_Seger___The_Silver_Bullet_-_Travelin__Man.mp3 5
Bobby Sparks & Keith Anderson I Almost Lost My Friend (Ivory Tribute To Jimmy Smith And Sta Bobby_Sparks___Keith_Anderson_-_I_Almost_Lost_My_Friend__Ivory_Joe_Hunter_.mp3 5
Bobby Sparks & Keith Anderson Prayer Meeting (Jimmy Smith) Tribute To Jimmy Smith And Sta Bobby_Sparks___Keith_Anderson_-_Prayer_Meeting__Jimmy_Smith_.mp3 6.9
Bobby Sparks & Keith Anderson Red Top (Gene Ammons) Tribute To Jimmy Smith And Sta Bobby_Sparks___Keith_Anderson_-_Red_Top__Gene_Ammons_.mp3 6.3
Bonerama Folly Bonerama - Hard Times [EP] 11_Folly.mp3 5
Booker T. & The M.G.'S Back Home Melting Pot Booker_T.___The_MG_s_-_Back_Home.mp3 5
Booker T. & The MG's Behave Yourself Green Onions Booker_T.___The_MG_s_-_Behave_Yourself.mp3 5
Booker T. & The MG's Hang 'Em High The Definitive Soul Collection Booker_T.___The_MG_s_-_Hang__Em_High.mp3 6.2
Booker T. & The MG's Hip Hug-Her The Definitive Soul Collection 09_Hip_Hug-Her.mp3 5
Booker T. & The MG's In The Midnight Hour And Now! Booker_T.___The_MG_s_-_In_The_Midnight_Hour.mp3 5
Booker T. & The MG's Lonely Avenue Green Onions Booker_T.___The_MG_s_-_Lonely_Avenue.mp3 5
Booker T. & The MG's Mo' Onions Green Onions Booker_T.___The_MG_s_-_Mo__Onions.mp3 5
Booker T. Evergreen Evergreen Booker_T._-_Evergreen.mp3 5
Booker T. Flamingo Evergreen Booker_T._-_Flamingo.mp3 4.5
Brian Auger Autoroute Language of the Heart 03_Autoroute.mp3 4.5
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express Compared To What Closer To It! Brian_Auger_s_Oblivion_Express_-_Compared_To_What.mp3 5
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express Whenever You're Ready Closer to It! 02_Whenever_You_re_Ready.mp3 3
Brooks & Dunn Believe #1s ... And Then Some Brooks___Dunn_-_Believe.mp3 1.8
Brooks & Dunn Holy War Red Dirt Road Brooks___Dunn_-_Holy_War.mp3 4.3
Brother Jack McDuff Blowin' In The Wind Tobacco Road Jack_McDuff_-_Blowin__In_The_Wind.mp3 5
Brother Jack McDuff Tobacco Road Tobacco Road Jack_McDuff_-_Tobacco_Road.mp3 5
Bruce Katz Band Key To The City Three Feet Off The Ground Bruce_Katz_Band_-_Key_To_The_City.mp3 5
Bruce Katz Band Three Feet Off The Ground Three Feet Off The Ground Bruce_Katz_Band_-_Three_Feet_Off_The_Ground.mp3 5
Buddy Miles Paul B. Allen, Omaha, Nebraska Them Changes Buddy_Miles_-_Paul_B._Allen__Omaha__Nebraska.mp3 4.5
Buddy Miles Them Changes [Live Single Vers Chapter VII Buddy_Miles_-_Them_Changes__Live_Single_Version_.mp3 6.1
Buffalo Springfield For What It's Worth Buffalo Springfield Buffalo_Springfield_-_For_What_It_s_Worth.mp3 4.9
Buffalo Springfield Special Care Last Time Around Buffalo_Springfield_-_Special_Care.mp3 5
Caedmon's Call Thankful 40 Acres Caedmon_s_Call_-_Thankful.mp3 4.5
Captain Hammond Cosmic Candy The Origin Of Captain Hammond Captain_Hammond_-_Cosmic_Candy.mp3 5
Captain Hammond Fired Up The Origin Of Captain Hammond Captain_Hammond_-_Fired_Up.mp3 5
Captain Hammond Into Orbit The Origin Of Captain Hammond Captain_Hammond_-_Into_Orbit.mp3 4.9
Charles Earland Black Talk Black Talk Charles_Earland_-_Black_Talk.mp3 6
Charles Earland Blues For Sheila Slammin' & Jammin' Charles_Earland_-_Blues_For_Sheila.mp3 5
Charles Earland Honky Tonk Slammin' & Jammin' Charles_Earland_-_Honky_Tonk.mp3 5
Charles Earland Let The Music Play Slammin' & Jammin' Charles_Earland_-_Let_The_Music_Play.mp3 5
Charles Earland Organyk Groove Slammin' & Jammin' Charles_Earland_-_Organyk_Groove.mp3 7.2
Charles Earland Sugar Slammin' & Jammin' Charles_Earland_-_Sugar.mp3 4.3
Chris Antonik More To Give Chris Antonik Chris_Antonik_Band_-_More_To_Give.mp3 5
Chris Antonik The King Of Infidelity Chris Antonik Chris_Antonik_Band_-_The_King_Of_Infidelity.mp3 5
Chris Antonik Band Double Trouble Chris Antonik Chris_Antonik_Band_-_Double_Trouble.mp3 4.3
Chuck Brown The Dark End Of The Street The Other Side Eva_Cassidy___Chuck_Brown_-_The_Dark_End_Of_The_Street.mp3 4.9
Clayton Doley Chester Drawers Desperate Times 07_Chester_Drawers.mp3 4.2
Clayton Doley Chicken Shack/How Blue Can You Get Desperate Times 08_Chicken_Shack_How_Blue_Can_You_Get.mp3 6.3
Clayton Doley Crooked Crawl Desperate Times 06_Crooked_Crawl.mp3 4.9
Clayton Doley Dealing With The Devil Desperate Times 01_Dealing_With_The_Devil.mp3 4.2
Clayton Doley's Organ Donors Baby John Burgess Tension! Clayton_Doley_s_Organ_Donors_-_Baby_John_Burgess.mp3 5
Clayton Doley's Organ Donors Barney Goes Uptown Tension! Clayton_Doley_s_Organ_Donors_-_Barney_Goes_Uptown.mp3 5
Clayton Doley's Organ Donors Booker Table Tension! Clayton_Doley_s_Organ_Donors_-_Booker_Table.mp3 4.9
Clayton Doley's Organ Donors Mosquito Tension! Clayton_Doley_s_Organ_Donors_-_Mosquito.mp3 6.3
Clayton Doley's Organ Donors Partners Tension! Clayton_Doley_s_Organ_Donors_-_Partners.mp3 6.2
Clayton Doley's Organ Donors Return Of The Prodigal Son Tension! Clayton_Doley_s_Organ_Donors_-_Return_Of_The_Prodigal_Son.mp3 6.1
Clayton Doley's Organ Donors The White Knight Tension! Clayton_Doley_s_Organ_Donors_-_The_White_Knight.mp3 4.9
Clayton Doley's Organ Donors Up The McDuff Tension! Clayton_Doley_s_Organ_Donors_-_Up_The_McDuff.mp3 5
Coco Montoya Back in a Cadillac Can't Look Back 04_Back_in_a_Cadillac.mp3 5
Combination Head Clover RD ABC Combination Head Combination_Head_-_Clover_RD_ABC.mp3 3.2
Combination Head Combination Head Combination Head Combination_Head_-_Combination_Head.mp3 5
Combination Head Glass And Steel Progress? Combination_Head_-_Glass_And_Steel.mp3 4.2
Combination Head Liquid Progress? Combination_Head_-_Liquid.mp3 4.6
Commitments Take Me To The River The Commitments Commitments_-_Take_Me_To_The_River.mp3 5.8
David G. Cortes About You Time Away - EP 08_About_You.mp3 2.1
Deep Purple Child In Time Deepest Purple: The Very Best Of ... 05_Child_In_Time.mp3 3.2
Deep Purple Highway Star Deepest Purple: The Very Best Of ... 07_Highway_Star.mp3 5
Deep Purple Hush (Album Version) When We Rock, We Rock and When We Roll, We Roll 01_Hush__Album_Version_.mp3 6.3
Deep Purple Kentucky Woman  The Book of Taliesyn Kentucky_Woman_128-1.mp3 4.1
Deep Purple Speed King Deepest Purple: The Very Best Of ... 02_Speed_King.mp3 4.3
Dennis Coffey Miss Millie Feat. Kings Go Forth All Your Goodies Are Gone Feat. Mayer Hawthorne 10_Miss_Millie_Feat._Kings_Go_Forth.mp3 4.4
Derek Frank Pusherman (featuring Brian Auger) Let The Games Begin... 05_Pusherman__featuring_Brian_Auger_.mp3 6.1
Derek Trucks Band Sweet Inspiration Already Free Derek_Trucks_Band_-_Sweet_Inspiration.mp3 4.9
Deric Dyer I'm Glad Your Mine No One's Sleeping 03_I_m_Glad_Your_Mine.mp3 6.4
Deric Dyer Pocket Change No One's Sleeping 04_Pocket_Hange.mp3 6.3
Deric Dyer Two Scoops First Kiss 02_Two_Scoops.mp3 5
Didier Mouret Miste KB3 Mr KB3 Didier_Mouret_-_Miste_KB3.mp3 3.8
Didier Mouret Simply Rhoda Mr KB3 Didier_Mouret_-_Simply_Rhoda.mp3 5
Dio Before The Fall Killing The Dragon Dio_-_Before_The_Fall.mp3 5.7
Diplomats Of Solid Sound Grease Monkey Boogaloo to Jack Mcduff Diplomats_Of_Solid_Sound_-_Grease_Monkey.mp3 4.8
Diplomats Of Solid Sound Growin' In It Destination...Get Down! Diplomats_Of_Solid_Sound_-_Growin__In_It.mp3 5
Diplomats Of Solid Sound Knock A Piece Off Destination...Get Down! Diplomats_Of_Solid_Sound_-_Knock_A_Piece_Off.mp3 5
Diplomats Of Solid Sound Mohair Momma Destination...Get Down! Diplomats_Of_Solid_Sound_-_Mohair_Momma.mp3 5
Diplomats Of Solid Sound Tennessee Toothpick Instrumental Action Soul Diplomats_Of_Solid_Sound_-_Tennessee_Toothpick.mp3 6.4
Diplomats Of Solid Sound Wicked P Destination...Get Down! Diplomats_Of_Solid_Sound_-_Wicked_P.mp3 5
Doors The Changeling L.A. Woman Doors_-_The_Changeling.mp3 5
Dr. Lonnie Smith Think Think Dr._Lonnie_Smith_-_Think.mp3 4.9
Drive By Leslie Cold Duck Time Boogaloo to Jack Mcduff Drive_By_Leslie_-_Cold_Duck_Time.mp3 5
Dwight Yoakam Dangerous Man If There Was A Way Dwight_Yoakam_-_Dangerous_Man.mp3 6.1
Dwight Yoakam If There Was A Way If There Was A Way Dwight_Yoakam_-_If_There_Was_A_Way.mp3 5
Eddie Money I Wanna Go Back Playlist: The Very Best Of Eddie Money Eddie_Money_-_I_Wanna_Go_Back.mp3 4
Eddy Louiss Comment Dites-Vous? Recit Proche 09_Comment_Dites-Vous_.mp3 5
Eddy Louiss Comment Dites-Vous? Recit Proche Eddy_Louiss_-_Comment_Dites-Vous_.mp3 6.3
Eddy Louiss Incertitudes Recit Proche Eddy_Louiss_-_Incertitudes.mp3 4.6
Eddy Louiss Marilyn And Bronsky Recit Proche Eddy_Louiss_-_Marilyn_And_Bronsky.mp3 6.1
Eddy Louiss Pour Toi Recit Proche Eddy_Louiss_-_Pour_Toi.mp3 5
Eddy Louiss Pour Toujours Recit Proche Eddy_Louiss_-_Pour_Toujours.mp3 6.4
Eddy Louiss Summertime Recit Proche Eddy_Louiss_-_Summertime.mp3 5
Eric Burdon & The Animals Don't Bring Me Down The Best Of Eric Burdon And The Animals (1966 - 196 Eric_Burdon___The_Animals_-_Don_t_Bring_Me_Down.mp3 4.5
Euro Cinema Brooklyn Groove Ten-4 Euro_Cinema_-_Brooklyn_Groove.mp3 5
Euro Cinema Brother Lou Ten-4 Euro_Cinema_-_Brother_Lou.mp3 5
Fantastics! Don't Follow Leaders Mighty Righteous Fantastics__-_Don_t_Follow_Leaders.mp3 5
Fantastics! I Breathe All The People Fantastics____Sulene_Fleming_-_I_Breathe.mp3 6.3
Fantastics! I Can't Dance With You (Part One) Mighty Righteous Fantastics__-_I_Can_t_Dance_With_You__Part_One_.mp3 6.2
Fantastics! Mighty Righteous Mighty Righteous Fantastics__-_Mighty_Righteous.mp3 4.9
Fantastics! Mushroom Strut All The People Fantastics__-_Mushroom_Strut.mp3 6.1
Fantastics! Soul Sucka Mighty Righteous Fantastics__-_Soul_Sucka.mp3 6.4
Fantastics! The Bone Breaker All The People Fantastics__-_The_Bone_Breaker.mp3 5
Fantastics! The Doctor Is In Mighty Righteous Fantastics__-_The_Doctor_Is_In.mp3 5
Focus Eruption Moving Waves 03_Eruption.mp3 7.6
Freddy V Rush (feat. Ricky Peterson) Easier Than It Looks 01_Rush__feat._Ricky_Peterson_.mp3 6.3
Garth Brooks We Shall Be Free The Hits Garth_Brooks_-_We_Shall_Be_Free.mp3 2
Gary Moore As The Years Go Passing By Still Got The Blues Gary_Moore_-_As_The_Years_Go_Passing_By.mp3 6.2
Gary Moore King Of The Blues Still Got The Blues Gary_Moore_-_King_Of_The_Blues.mp3 5
Gary Moore Midnight Blues Still Got The Blues Gary_Moore_-_Midnight_Blues.mp3 5
Gerry Rafferty Right Down The Line Right Down the Line: Best of Gerry_Rafferty_-_Right_Down_The_Line.mp3 5
Gerry Rafferty The Way That You Do It Right Down the Line: Best of Gerry_Rafferty_-_The_Way_That_You_Do_It.mp3 4.6
Getup Toby's Pants Life@Cafe Eric Getup_-_Toby_s_Pants.mp3 5
Gov't Mule Which Way Do We Run? The Deep End Volume 2 Gov_t_Mule_-_Which_Way_Do_We_Run_.mp3 5
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Only Love Grace Potter & The Nocturnals Grace_Potter___Nocturnals_-_Only_Love.mp3 6.5
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Ragged Company Nothing But The Water Grace_Potter___Nocturnals_-_Ragged_Company.mp3 4.9
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Some Kind Of Ride Nothing But The Water Grace_Potter___Nocturnals_-_Some_Kind_Of_Ride.mp3 7.1
Graham Central Station Release Yourself Release Yourself 07_Release_Yourself.mp3 5
Grand Funk Footstompin' Music E Pluribus Funk 04_Footstompin__Music.mp3 4.9
Grand Funk Railroad Shinin' On Greatest Hits: Grand Funk Railroad Grand_Funk_Railroad_-_Shinin__On.mp3 4.7
Grant Green Sookie, Sookie Grant Green Breakbeats Grant_Green_-_Sookie__Sookie.mp3 3.4
Grateful Dead Dear Mr. Fantasy Without A Net Grateful_Dead_-_Dear_Mr._Fantasy.mp3 4.4
Greg Hatza Organization Change The World Snake Eyes Greg_Hatza_Organization_-_Change_The_World.mp3 5
Greg Hatza Organization First Your Money Then Your Clo Snake Eyes Greg_Hatza_Organization_-_First_Your_Money_Then_Your_Clothes.mp3 6.7
Greg Hatza Organization One World Snake Eyes Greg_Hatza_Organization_-_One_World.mp3 5
Greg Hatza Organization Snake Eyes Snake Eyes Greg_Hatza_Organization_-_Snake_Eyes.mp3 4.9
Greg Hatza Organization Stand Up And Be Counted Snake Eyes Greg_Hatza_Organization_-_Stand_Up_And_Be_Counted.mp3 5
Gregg Allman I'm No Angel No Stranger To The Dark: The Best Of Gregg Allman Gregg_Allman_-_I_m_No_Angel.mp3 4.5
Gregg Rolie As The Years Go Passing By Rain Dance Gregg_Rolie_-_As_The_Years_Go_Passing_By.mp3 7.3
Gunn China White Resonance Road Gunn_Blues_Band_-_China_White.mp3 6.6
Gunn Lazy Resonance Road Gunn_Blues_Band_-_Lazy.mp3 4.6
Gunn Not My Kinda Luv Resonance Road Gunn_Blues_Band_-_Not_My_Kinda_Luv.mp3 3.4
Gunn Resonance Road Resonance Road Gunn_Blues_Band_-_Resonance_Road.mp3 6.5
Gunn Sumthin I Hate Resonance Road Gunn_Blues_Band_-_Sumthin_I_Hate.mp3 5
Jack McDuff Another Real Good 'Un Another Real Good Un Jack_McDuff_-_Another_Real_Good__Un.mp3 3.8
Jack McDuff Long Day Blues Another Real Good'Un Jack_McDuff_-_Long_Day_Blues.mp3 7.3
Jack McDuff Rock Candy Another Real Good'Un Jack_McDuff_-_Rock_Candy.mp3 4.8
James Morton's Porkchop Cold Duck Time Don't You Worry 'Bout That 03_Cold_Duck_Time.mp3 7.2
Jars Of Clay Amazing Grace Who We Are Instead Jars_Of_Clay_-_Amazing_Grace.mp3 5
Jars Of Clay Jealous Kind Who We Are Instead Jars_Of_Clay_-_Jealous_Kind.mp3 3.5
Jay Terleski  Spin Your Leslies   Spin_Your_Leslies_HOR1.mp3 5
Jazz Rosco Five Alive Rosco's Place Jazz_Roscoe_-_Five_Alive.mp3 6.3
Jazz Rosco Preface To Insanity Rosco's Place Jazz_Roscoe_-_Preface_To_Insanity.mp3 4.9
Jazz Rosco Ray-O's Bounce Rosco's Place Jazz_Roscoe_-_Ray-O_s_Bounce.mp3 5
Jazz Rosco Sloppy Joe's Rosco's Place Jazz_Roscoe_-_Sloppy_Joe_s.mp3 6.2
Jimmy McGriff Ain't That Funk For You Blue To The 'Bone Jimmy_McGriff_-_Ain_t_That_Funk_For_You.mp3 5
Jimmy McGriff I've Got A Woman Greatest Hits Jimmy_McGriff_-_I_ve_Got_A_Woman.mp3 5
Jimmy McGriff Kiko Greatest Hits Jimmy_McGriff_-_Kiko.mp3 5
Jimmy McGriff The Bird The Best of the Headfirst Years Jimmy_McGriff_-_The_Bird.mp3 5
Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery Happy-Go-Lucky Local (aka Nigh Dynamic Duo Jimmy_Smith___Wes_Montgomery_-_Happy-Go-Lucky_Local__aka_Night_Train_.mp3 6.1
Jimmy Smith Blues And The Abstract Truth Walk On The Wild Side: Best Of The Verve Years [Disc 2] 2-11_Blues_And_The_Abstract_Truth.mp3 6.2
Jimmy Smith Funky Broadway Walk On The Wild Side: Best Of The Verve Years 1-05_Funky_Broadway.mp3 5.9
Jimmy Smith Got My Mojo Workin' Walk On The Wild Side: Best Of The Verve Years [Disc 2] 2-04_Got_My_Mojo_Workin_.mp3 6.3
Jimmy Smith Groove Drops Walk On The Wild Side: Best Of The Verve Years [Disc 2] 2-05_Groove_Drops.mp3 6.4
Jimmy Smith Kenny's Sound Walk On The Wild Side: Best Of The Verve Years 1-08_Kenny_s_Sound.mp3 5
Jimmy Smith Let's Stay Together Plays The Hits (Great Songs/Great Performances) Jimmy_Smith_-_Let_s_Stay_Together.mp3 5
Jimmy Smith Monlope (aka "Moonlore") Walk On The Wild Side: Best Of The Verve Years [Disc 2] 2-09_Monlope__aka__Moonlore__.mp3 4.6
Jimmy Smith OGD Walk On The Wild Side: Best Of The Verve Years [Disc 2] 2-07_OGD.mp3 5
Jimmy Smith Organ Grinder's Swing Walk On The Wild Side: Best Of The Verve Years 1-14_Organ_Grinder_s_Swing.mp3 4.8
Jimmy Smith Slaughter On Tenth Avenue The Definitive Collection Jimmy_Smith_-_Slaughter_On_Tenth_Avenue.mp3 3.8
Jimmy Smith The Boss Walk On The Wild Side: Best Of The Verve Years [Disc 2] 2-03_The_Boss.mp3 7.2
Jimmy Smith The Cat The Definitive Collection Jimmy_Smith_-_The_Cat.mp3 5
Jimmy Smith Walk On The Wild Side Walk On The Wild Side: Best Of The Verve Years 1-01_Walk_On_The_Wild_Side.mp3 6.2
Jimmy Smith When I Grow Too Old To Dream Back At The Chicken Shack Jimmy_Smith_-_When_I_Grow_Too_Old_To_Dream.mp3 5
Jimmy Smith Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf The Definitive Collection Jimmy_Smith_-_Who_s_Afraid_Of_Virginia_Woolf__Part_One.mp3 5
Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers The Messiah Will Come True Stories 05_The_Messiah_Will_Come.mp3 6.3
Joe Cocker Cry Me A River Joe Cocker's Greatest Hits 06_Cry_Me_A_River.mp3 5
Joe Cocker Delta Lady Joe Cocker's Greatest Hits 09_Delta_Lady.mp3 5
Joe Cocker High Time We Went Joe Cocker's Greatest Hits 11_High_Time_We_Went.mp3 5
Joe Cocker With A Little Help From My Fri Mad Dogs & Englishmen Joe_Cocker_-_With_A_Little_Help_From_My_Friends.mp3 4.8
Joey DeFrancesco Evidence Goodfellas Joey_DeFrancesco_-_Evidence.mp3 3.8
Joey DeFrancesco Fly Me To The Moon Snapshot Joey_DeFrancesco_-_Fly_Me_To_The_Moon.mp3 5
Joey DeFrancesco Goodfellas Goodfellas Joey_De_Francesco_-_Goodfellas.mp3 6.9
Joey DeFrancesco Midnight Special Legacy Joey_DeFrancesco___Jimmy_Smith_-_Midnight_Special.mp3 6.1
Joey DeFrancesco Moanin' The Baddest B-3 Burner in the Business Joey_DeFrancesco_-_Moanin_.mp3 6.2
Joey DeFrancesco What's New The Baddest B-3 Burner in the Business Joey_DeFrancesco_-_What_s_New.mp3 4.4
Joey DeFrancesco When You're Smilin' Incredible! Joey_DeFrancesco_-_When_You_re_Smilin_.mp3 5
John Earl Walker Band Gave You My Heart Little Miss Perfect John_Earl_Walker_Band_-_Gave_You_My_Heart.mp3 4.9
John Earl Walker Band Last Time Out Little Miss Perfect John_Earl_Walker_Band_-_Last_Time_Out.mp3 5
John Earl Walker Band Little Miss Perfect Little Miss Perfect John_Earl_Walker_Band_-_Little_Miss_Perfect.mp3 5
John Earl Walker Band Welcome Back Mr. Blues People Are Talkin' John_Earl_Walker_Band_-_Welcome_Back_Mr._Blues.mp3 7.8
John Freund Freund_HORpromo_solovoc Intro HOR Freund_HOR_solovoc.mp3 5
John Novello Bitchin' Blues Threshold John_Novello_-_Bitchin__Blues.mp3 5
Johnny "Hammond" Smith Black Coffee Black Coffee Johnny__Hammond__Smith_-_Black_Coffee.mp3 5
Johnny "Hammond" Smith Far Away Places Black Coffee Johnny__Hammond__Smith_-_Far_Away_Places.mp3 4.2
Johnny "Hammond" Smith He's A Real Gone Guy Black Coffee Johnny__Hammond__Smith_-_He_s_A_Real_Gone_Guy.mp3 4.5
Johnny "Hammond" Smith Monterey Theme Black Coffee Johnny__Hammond__Smith_-_Monterey_Theme.mp3 6.1
Johnny "Hammond" Smith Rufus Toofus Black Coffee Johnny__Hammond__Smith_-_Rufus_Toofus.mp3 6.3
Johnny "Hammond" Smith Workin' On A Groovy Thing Breakout Johnny_Hammond_Smith_-_Workin__On_A_Groovy_Thing.mp3 5
Johnny Hammond Breakout Breakout Johnny_Hammond_Smith_-_Breakout.mp3 3.6
Johnny Hammond It's Too Late Breakout Johnny_Hammond_Smith_-_It_s_Too_Late.mp3 7.2
Jon Hammond Get Back In The Groove Late Rent Jon_Hammond_-_Get_Back_In_The_Groove.mp3 5
Jon Hammond Late Rent Late Rent Jon_Hammond_-_Late_Rent.mp3 4.5
Jon Hammond Lydia's Tune Late Rent Jon_Hammond_-_Lydia_s_Tune.mp3 5
Jon Hammond Party Is Forbidden Here Late Rent Jon_Hammond_-_Party_Is_Forbidden_Here.mp3 3.7
Jon Hammond White Onions Late Rent Jon_Hammond_-_White_Onions.mp3 5
Jon Lord & The Hoochie Coochie Men Back At the Chicken Shack Jon Lord With the Hoochie Coochie Men 04_Back_At_the_Chicken_Shack.mp3 8.2
Jon Lord, Hoochie Coochie Men Back At The Chicken Shack Live at the Basement Jon_Lord___Hoochie_Coochie_Men_-_Back_At_The_Chicken_Shack.mp3 6.3
Jon Lord, Hoochie Coochie Men When A Blind Man Cries [Single Live at the Basement Jon_Lord__Hoochie_Coochie_Men___Jimmy_Barnes_-_When_A_Blind_Man_Cries__Single_Edit_.mp3 4.6
Jonny Lang Lie to Me Lie to Me 03_Lie_to_Me.mp3 5
Keknyul Hammond Band (Blue Rabbit) Gospell You Can't Get Any Closer Than Blue_Rabbit_-_Gospell.mp3 5
Keknyul Hammond Band (Blue Rabbit) Konnyu Blues You Can't Get Any Closer Than Blue_Rabbit_-_Konnyu_Blues.mp3 5
Keknyul Hammond Band (Blue Rabbit) Nagyszemu You Can't Get Any Closer Than Blue_Rabbit_-_Nagyszemu.mp3 6.1
Keknyul Hammond Band (Blue Rabbit) Ronnie's Bonnie You Can't Get Any Closer Than Blue_Rabbit_-_Ronnie_s_Bonnie.mp3 5
Keknyul Hammond Band (Blue Rabbit) Vili You Can't Get Any Closer Than Blue_Rabbit_-_Vili.mp3 5
Ken Lovern Ojt Theme (Fulll Version) Ken Lovern's Ojt Ken_Lovern_-_OJT_Theme__Full_Version_.mp3 5
Ken Lovern Yuma Green Ken Lovern's Ojt Ken_Lovern_-_Yuma_Green.mp3 6.4
Lachy Doley Fire To Save Typically Individual Conforming Anti-Social [Explicit] Lachlan_Doley_-_Fire_To_Save.mp3 5
Lachy Doley Fire To Save Typically Individual Conforming Anti-Social 04_Fire_To_Save.mp3 0.2
Lachy Doley Miss You Typically Individual Conforming Anti-Social 07_Miss_You.mp3 4.3
Lady Antebellum Stars Tonight Need You Now Lady_Antebellum_-_Stars_Tonight.mp3 4.6
Larsen/Feitan Band Further Notice Larsen/Feiten Band 04_Further_Notice.mp3 5
LDB3 And Friends (Linda Dachty Silver Spoon Blue Bop LDB3_And_Friends__Linda_Dachtyl__-_Silver_Spoon.mp3 5
Led Zeppelin Thank You Led Zeppelin II Led_Zeppelin_-_Thank_You.mp3 5
Lee Michaels Can I Get A Witness 5th Lee_Michaels_-_Can_I_Get_A_Witness.mp3 4.7
Lee Michaels Do You Know What I Mean 5th Lee_Michaels_-_Do_You_Know_What_I_Mean.mp3 5
Lee Michaels Keep The Circle Turning 5th Lee_Michaels_-_Keep_The_Circle_Turning.mp3 4.4
Lee Michaels Stormy Monday Lee Michaels Lee_Michaels_-_Stormy_Monday.mp3 6.3
Lee Michaels Uummmm My Lady Barrel Lee_Michaels_-_Uummmm_My_Lady.mp3 7.3
Lee Michaels Willie & The Hand Jive 5th Lee_Michaels_-_Willie___The_Hand_Jive.mp3 6.3
Lee Michaels Ya Ya 5th Lee_Michaels_-_Ya_Ya.mp3 4.9
Lee Michaels You Are What You Do 5th Lee_Michaels_-_You_Are_What_You_Do.mp3 4.4
Link Quartet An Evening With Linda Lovelace Beat.It Link_Quartet_-_An_Evening_With_Linda_Lovelace.mp3 6
Link Quartet Be Yourself Beat.It Link_Quartet_-_Be_Yourself.mp3 5
Link Quartet Beat.It Beat.It Link_Quartet_-_Beat.It.mp3 5
Link Quartet Briar Patch Boogaloo to Jack Mcduff Link_Quartet_-_Briar_Patch.mp3 6.3
Link Quartet Crosstown Traffic Long Live The Link Link_Quartet_-_Crosstown_Traffic.mp3 6.4
Link Quartet Dancing 'round The Walnut Tree 4 Link_Quartet_-_Dancing__round_The_Walnut_Tree.mp3 5.8
Link Quartet Drummore 4 Link_Quartet_-_Drummore.mp3 6.2
Link Quartet Hair Of The Dog 4 Link_Quartet_-_Hair_Of_The_Dog.mp3 5
Link Quartet Je Reve Dans Mon Reve 4 Link_Quartet_-_Je_Reve_Dans_Mon_Reve.mp3 5.8
Link Quartet Snake Eyes 4 Link_Quartet_-_Snake_Eyes.mp3 5
Link Quartet Vertical Floor 4 Link_Quartet_-_Vertical_Floor.mp3 4.6
Lonnie Gasperini Lonnie's Blues Turn Up the Gas Lonnie_Gasperini_-_Lonnie_s_Blues.mp3 5
Lonnie Gasperini Organ Trio Can You Hear Me Now? North Beach Blues Lonnie_Gasperini_Organ_Trio_-_Can_You_Hear_Me_Now_.mp3 6.1
Lonnie Gasperini Organ Trio North Beach Blues North Beach Blues Lonnie_Gasperini_Organ_Trio_-_North_Beach_Blues.mp3 5
Lonnie Gasperini Organ Trio One For McGriff North Beach Blues Lonnie_Gasperini_Organ_Trio_-_One_For_McGriff.mp3 6.1
Lonnie Smith Dancin' In An Easy Groove Move Your Hand Dr._Lonnie_Smith_-_Dancin__In_An_Easy_Groove.mp3 7.3
Lonnie Smith Slouchin' Think Dr._Lonnie_Smith_-_Slouchin_.mp3 5
Lonnie Smith Son Of Ice Bag Think Dr._Lonnie_Smith_-_Son_Of_Ice_Bag.mp3 5
Lou Pomanti Blues-A-Loo Welcome To The Boogaloo Lounge Lou_Pomanti_-_Blues-A-Loo.mp3 5
Lou Pomanti Give It Up Welcome To The Boogaloo Lounge Lou_Pomanti_-_Give_It_Up.mp3 6.1
Lou Pomanti In Orbit Welcome To The Boogaloo Lounge Lou_Pomanti_-_In_Orbit.mp3 4.9
Lou Pomanti The Big Smoke Welcome To The Boogaloo Lounge Lou_Pomanti_-_The_Big_Smoke.mp3 5
Lou Pomanti The Boogaloo Lounge Welcome To The Boogaloo Lounge Lou_Pomanti_-_The_Boogaloo_Lounge.mp3 5
Lou Pomanti Yonge St. 1962 Welcome To The Boogaloo Lounge Lou_Pomanti_-_Yonge_St._1962.mp3 5
Lucky Peterson Ain't Doin' Too Bad Double Dealin' Lucky_Peterson_-_Ain_t_Doin__Too_Bad.mp3 5
Lucky Peterson Ask Me Nothing 'Bout The Blues Lucky Peterson Lucky_Peterson_-_Ask_Me_Nothing__Bout_The_Blues.mp3 5
Lucky Peterson Bad Feeling Lucky Strikes! Lucky_Peterson_-_Bad_Feeling.mp3 5
Lucky Peterson Tribute To Luther Allison Lucky Peterson Lucky_Peterson_-_Tribute_To_Luther_Allison.mp3 5
Luther Allison I Want To Know Soul Fixin' Man Luther_Allison_-_I_Want_To_Know.mp3 6.3
Luther Allison Just As I Am Pay It Forward Luther_Allison_-_Just_As_I_Am.mp3 6.1
Luther Allison Just Memories Serious Luther_Allison_-_Just_Memories.mp3 5
Luther Allison You Been Teasin' Me Soul Fixin' Man Luther_Allison_-_You_Been_Teasin__Me.mp3 6.2
Mark Lawrence Trio Greasemonkey Mark Lawrence Trio Mark_Lawrence_Trio_-_Greasemonkey.mp3 5
Mark Lawrence Trio Let's Cool One Mark Lawrence Trio Mark_Lawrence_Trio_-_Let_s_Cool_One.mp3 5
Mark Lawrence Trio Where's Snoopy? Mark Lawrence Trio Mark_Lawrence_Trio_-_Where_s_Snoopy_.mp3 5
Masters Of Groove Dr. No Shuffle Masters Of Groove Meet Dr. No Masters_Of_Groove_-_Dr._No_Shuffle.mp3 6.3
Masters Of Groove Jump Up Masters Of Groove Meet Dr. No Masters_Of_Groove_-_Jump_Up.mp3 3.5
Masters Of Groove Masters Of Groove Twist Masters Of Groove Meet Dr. No Masters_Of_Groove_-_Masters_Of_Groove_Twist.mp3 6.9
Mauri Modern Organ Trio Sanchis' In A Blue Mood What Did You Expect? Mauri_Sanchis_-_In_A_Blue_Mood.mp3 4.2
Mauri Modern Organ Trio Sanchis' Nightmare What Did You Expect? Mauri_Sanchis_-_Nightmare.mp3 5
Mauri Modern Organ Trio Sanchis' The Ninja What Did You Expect? Mauri_Sanchis_-_The_Ninja.mp3 4.1
Mauri Sanchis Ain't No Sunshine Less Is More Mauri_Sanchis_-_Ain_t_No_Sunshine.mp3 1.8
Mauri Sanchis Beauty In The B Good Vibes! Mauri_Sanchis_-_Beauty_In_The_B.mp3 5.7
Mauri Sanchis Cookin' Good Vibes! Mauri_Sanchis_-_Cookin_.mp3 3.2
Mauri Sanchis Everything Good Vibes!!! Mauri_Sanchis_-_Everything.mp3 6.2
Mauri Sanchis Green Onions Good Vibes!!! Mauri_Sanchis_-_Green_Onions.mp3 5
Mauri Sanchis Laidback Soul Good Vibes!!! Mauri_Sanchis_-_Laidback_Soul.mp3 5
Mauri Sanchis Less Is More Less Is More Mauri_Sanchis_-_Less_Is_More.mp3 4.8
Mauri Sanchis Lights Good Vibes!!! Mauri_Sanchis_-_Lights.mp3 5
Mauri Sanchis Lonnie's Tune Less Is More Mauri_Sanchis_-_Lonnie_s_Tune.mp3 5
Mauri Sanchis Obsession Good Vibes!!! Mauri_Sanchis_-_Obsession.mp3 5
Mauri Sanchis Pocket Groove Less Is More Mauri_Sanchis_-_Pocket_Groove.mp3 6.3
Mauri Sanchis Slap-The-blues Less Is More Mauri_Sanchis_-_Slap-The-blues.mp3 3.7
Mauri Sanchis Straight Ahead Good Vibes!!! Mauri_Sanchis_-_Straight_Ahead.mp3 6.1
Meanstreet Riders High On The Hog High On The Hog Meanstreet_Riders_-_High_On_The_Hog.mp3 5
Merit Hemmingson Bortivall Eq 06_Bortivall.mp3 4.1
Merit Hemmingson Gotland EQ Merit_Hemmingson_-_Gotland.mp3 4.7
Merit Hemmingson Hemingway Eq 05_Hemingway.mp3 5
Meters Sophisticated Cissy Meters Meters_-_Sophisticated_Cissy.mp3 5
Meters Stormy Meters Meters_-_Stormy.mp3 5
Mike Carr Battery Blues Good Times & The Blues Mike_Carr_Quartet___Trio_-_Battery_Blues.mp3 5
Mike Carr Quartet & Trio Blues For Mister B. Good Times & The Blues Mike_Carr_Quartet___Trio_-_Blues_For_Mister_B..mp3 4.6
Mike Carr Quartet & Trio Freedom Song Good Times & The Blues Mike_Carr_Quartet___Trio_-_Freedom_Song.mp3 5
Mike Carr Quartet & Trio Good Times Good Times & The Blues Mike_Carr_Quartet___Trio_-_Good_Times.mp3 7
Mike Carr Quartet & Trio The Baron Of Bop Good Times & The Blues Mike_Carr_Quartet___Trio_-_The_Baron_Of_Bop.mp3 5
Mike Mangan's Big Organ Trio Go For Broke Unwound Mike_Mangan_s_Big_Organ_Trio_-_02_Go_For_Broke.mp3 5
Miranda Lambert Baggage Claim Four The Record Miranda_Lambert_-_Baggage_Claim.mp3 2.1
Moses Tyson Jr I Can See Clearly Now [Instrum Music Moses_Tyson__Jr._-_I_Can_See_Clearly_Now__Instrumental_.mp3 5
Neil Larsen Last Tango In Paris Jungle Fever 01_Last_Tango_In_Paris.mp3 5
New Mastersounds Butter For Your Popcorn Boogaloo to Jack Mcduff New_Mastersounds_-_Butter_For_Your_Popcorn.mp3 5
New Mastersounds Make Me Proud! Ten Years On New_Mastersounds_-_Make_Me_Proud_.mp3 6.3
New Mastersounds MRG Ten Years On New_Mastersounds_-_MRG.mp3 6.2
New Mastersounds San Fantico Ten Years On New_Mastersounds_-_San_Fantico.mp3 4.2
Newworldson Babylon Is Gonna Fall Salvation Station Newworldson_-_Babylon_Is_Gonna_Fall.mp3 5
Niacin It's The Little Things High Bias Niacin_-_It_s_The_Little_Things.mp3 5
Night Callers Natural Thing Boogaloo to Jack Mcduff Night_Callers_-_Natural_Thing.mp3 7.2
Norm Peterson Blues for Bo The Element 01_Blues_for_Bo.mp3 6.8
Norm Peterson Blues for Bo The Element 06_Blues_for_Bo.mp3 5
Norm Peterson Blues for Bo The Element 14_Blues_for_Bo.mp3 5
Organissimo Clap Yo' Hands Waiting for the Boogaloo Sisters Organissimo_-_Clap_Yo__Hands.mp3 5.7
Organissimo Peaches En Regalia This Is the Place Organissimo_-_Peaches_En_Regalia.mp3 5
Organissimo Pumkin Pie Groovadelphia Organissimo_-_Pumkin_Pie.mp3 6.3
Organissimo You Don't Want To Do That Waiting for the Boogaloo Sisters Organissimo_-_You_Don_t_Want_To_Do_That.mp3 6
Orleans Half Moon Dance With Me: The Best of Orleans 10_Half_Moon.mp3 4.2
Peter Weltner Feierabend Blues Hammond Daze Is Born! Peter_Wetner_-_Feierabend_Blues.mp3 5
Peter Weltner Hammond Dreaming Hammond Daze Is Born! Peter_Wetner_-_Hammond_Dreaming.mp3 7.2
Peter Weltner November Blues Hammond Daze Is Born! Peter_Wetner_-_November_Blues.mp3 7.3
Pristine Breaking Bad Detoxing Pristine_-_Breaking_Bad.mp3 5
Pristine Damage Is Done Detoxing Pristine_-_Damage_Is_Done.mp3 4.1
Pristine Damned If I Do Detoxing Pristine_-_Damned_If_I_Do.mp3 6.2
Pristine Detoxing Detoxing Pristine_-_Detoxing.mp3 1.9
Pristine The Blind Detoxing Pristine_-_The_Blind.mp3 3.3
Pristine The Countdown Detoxing Pristine_-_The_Countdown.mp3 4
Pristine The Last Day Detoxing Pristine_-_The_Last_Day.mp3 5
Pristine You Don't Know Detoxing Pristine_-_You_Don_t_Know.mp3 5
Procol Harum A Whiter Shade Of Pale One Eye To The Future Procol_Harum_-_A_Whiter_Shade_Of_Pale.mp3 5
Procol Harum An Old English Dream The Well's On Fire Procol_Harum_-_An_Old_English_Dream.mp3 3.9
Procol Harum Fellow Travellers The Well's On Fire Procol_Harum_-_Fellow_Travellers.mp3 7.5
Procol Harum Pandora's Box One Eye To The Future Procol_Harum_-_Pandora_s_Box.mp3 6.4
Procol Harum The Question The Well's On Fire Procol_Harum_-_The_Question.mp3 6.2
Procol Harum Wall Street Blues The Well's On Fire Procol_Harum_-_Wall_Street_Blues.mp3 6.2
Procol Harum Weisselklenzenacht The Well's On Fire Procol_Harum_-_Weisselklenzenacht.mp3 4.5
Procol Harum Worried Life Blues One Eye To The Future Procol_Harum_-_Worried_Life_Blues.mp3 6.2
Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schultz Aint Nothing Like the Real Thing Soul Gift 09_Aint_Nothing_Like_the_Real_Thing.mp3 6.1
Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schultz All That Ive Got Soul Gift 01_All_That_Ive_Got.mp3 4.9
Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schultz Cold Bear Soul Gift 07_Cold_Bear.mp3 4.6
Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schultz Double Bubble Soul Gift 03_Double_Bubble.mp3 5
Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schultz Go Now Soul Gift 04_Go_Now.mp3 6.8
Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schultz Pigmy Soul Gift 05_Pigmy.mp3 5
Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schultz Same Old Blues Soul Gift 08_Same_Old_Blues.mp3 5
Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schultz Soul Dressing Soul Gift 02_Soul_Dressing.mp3 5
Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schultz Tasty Dish Soul Gift 06_Tasty_Dish.mp3 5
Raphael Wressnig Afterparty At The Zoo Party Factor Raphael_Wressnig_-_Afterparty_At_The_Zoo.mp3 3.1
Raphael Wressnig Beat Me Til I'm Blue Party Factor Raphael_Wressnig_-_Beat_Me_Til_I_m_Blue.mp3 5
Raphael Wressnig HOR Station ID Party Factor HOR_ID_-_Raphael_Wressnig.mp3 5
Reo Speedwagon Movin' Ridin' The Storm Out Reo_Speedwagon_-_Movin_.mp3 7.3
Reuben Wilson, Bernard Purdie, Sweet Home Chicago The Godfathers Of Groove Masters_Of_Groove_-_Sweet_Home_Chicago.mp3 6.1
Reuben Wilson, Bernard Purdie, The Okie Dokie The Godfathers Of Groove Masters_Of_Groove_-_The_Okie_Dokie.mp3 5
Reverend Toney Wheeles Mission Ebb Tide Wheelin' & Dealin' Reverend_Toney_Wheeles_Mission__Bert_Vrieling___Leon_Kuijpers_-_Ebb_Tide.mp3 5
Reverend Toney Wheeles Mission Secret Love Wheelin' & Dealin' Reverend_Toney_Wheeles_Mission__Bert_Vrieling___Leon_Kuijpers_-_Secret_Love.mp3 4.3
Reverend Toney Wheeles Mission She's Out Of My Life Wheelin' & Dealin' Reverend_Toney_Wheeles_Mission__Bert_Vrieling___Leon_Kuijpers_-_She_s_Out_Of_My_Life.mp3 5
Reverend Toney Wheeles Mission The Reverend Wheelin' & Dealin' Reverend_Toney_Wheeles_Mission__Bert_Vrieling___Leon_Kuijpers_-_The_Reverend.mp3 5
Rhoda Scott Beyond The Sea Beyond the Sea Rhoda_Scott_-_Beyond_The_Sea.mp3 5
Rhoda Scott Blues For Later Very Saxy: Live Au Meridien Rhoda_Scott_-_Blues_For_Later.mp3 5
Rhoda Scott Danny Boy/Lift Every Voice From C To Shining C Rhoda_Scott_-_Danny_Boy_Lift_Every_Voice.mp3 5
Rhoda Scott Don'T Worry 'Bout Me Encore Encore Encore Rhoda_Scott_-_Don_T_Worry__Bout_Me.mp3 3.3
Rhoda Scott In The Mood Encore Encore Encore Rhoda_Scott_-_In_The_Mood.mp3 5
Rhoda Scott New York, New York Encore Encore Encore Rhoda_Scott_-_New_York__New_York.mp3 6.8
Rhoda Scott Reveries From C To Shining C Rhoda_Scott_-_Reveries.mp3 4.8
Rhoda Scott Sweet Sucker Encore Encore Encore Rhoda_Scott_-_Sweet_Sucker.mp3 5
Rhoda Scott The Days Of Wine And Roses Very Saxy: Live Au Meridien Rhoda_Scott_-_The_Days_Of_Wine_And_Roses.mp3 3.6
Richard "Groove" Holmes Groove's Groove Groovin' With Groove Richard__Grooves__Holmes_-_Groove_s_Groove.mp3 5
Richard "Groove" Holmes Groovin' For Mr. G Comin' On Home Richard_Groove_Holmes_-_Groovin__For_Mr._G.mp3 6.3
Richard "Groove" Holmes No Trouble On The Mountain Groovin' With Groove Richard__Groove__Holmes_-_No_Trouble_On_The_Mountain.mp3 4
Richard "Groove" Holmes Red Onion Groovin' With Groove Richard__Groove__Holmes_-_Red_Onion.mp3 5
Richard "Groove" Holmes Song For My Father Soul Message Richard__Grooves__Holmes_-_Song_For_My_Father.mp3 5
Richard "Groove" Holmes Soul Message Soul Message Richard__Grooves__Holmes_-_Soul_Message.mp3 6.3
Richard Bell & Denis Keldie King Harvest 2B3 Toronto sessions Richard_Bell___Denis_Keldie_-_King_Harvest.mp3 5
Richard Galliano & Eddy Louiss I Remember Clifford Face to Face 08_I_Remember_Clifford.mp3 5.8
Richard Groove Holmes Down Home Funk Comin' On Home Richard__Groove__Holmes_-_Down_Home_Funk.mp3 5
Ricky Peterson EJ A Tear Can Tell 02_EJ.mp3 4.6
Ricky Peterson Feel So Bad A Tear Can Tell 07_Feel_So_Bad.mp3 5
Rob Mostert All I Need Englewood Cliffs Sessions (recorded By Rudy Van Gelder) Rob_Mostert_-_All_I_Need.mp3 5
Rob Mostert J's Blues (Song For Julian) Englewood Cliffs Sessions (recorded By Rudy Van Gelder) Rob_Mostert_-_J_s_Blues__Song_For_Julian_.mp3 7.7
Rob Mostert Killer Bee Englewood Cliffs Sessions (recorded By Rudy Van Gelder) Rob_Mostert_-_Killer_Bee.mp3 6.9
Rob Mostert Sales Call Englewood Cliffs Sessions (recorded By Rudy Van Gelder) Rob_Mostert_-_Sales_Call.mp3 6.3
Rob Mostert The D.O.G. (Dutch Organ Gospel Englewood Cliffs Sessions (recorded By Rudy Van Gelder) Rob_Mostert_-_The_D.O.G.__Dutch_Organ_Gospel_.mp3 5
Robben Ford Born Under A Bad Sign Talk To Your Daughter Robben_Ford_-_Born_Under_A_Bad_Sign.mp3 4.2
Robben Ford I Can't Stand the Rain Tiger Walk Robben_Ford_-_I_Can_t_Stand_the_Rain.mp3 5
Ron Levy Chicken Fried Snake Best Grooves & Jams Ron_Levy__Jimmie_Vaughn___Ronnie_Earl_-_Chicken_Fried_Snake.mp3 6.4
Ron Levy Chillin' Out Best Grooves & Jams Ron_Levy___Albert_Collins_-_Chillin_Out.mp3 4.3
Ron Levy Levtronic Blues B-3 Blues And Grooves Ron_Levy_-_Levtronic_Blues.mp3 5
Ron Levy Meter Made B-3 Blues And Grooves Ron_Levy_-_Meter_Made.mp3 5
Ron Levy Rooseveltin' B-3 Blues And Grooves Ron_Levy_-_Rooseveltin_.mp3 6.3
Ron Levy Smoke 'N Fire B-3 Blues And Grooves Ron_Levy_-_Smoke__N_Fire.mp3 6.2
Ronnie Earl & Broadcasters 'Round Midnight Colour of Love Ronnie_Earl___The_Broadcasters_-__Round_Midnight.mp3 5
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters Blues On A Sunday Living In The Light Ronnie_Earl___The_Broadcasters_-_Blues_On_A_Sunday.mp3 7.2
Ronnie Earl And The Broadcaster Soundcheck Grateful Heart: Blues & Ballads Ronnie_Earl___The_Broadcasters_-_Soundcheck.mp3 7.3
Ronnie Earl And The Broadcasters Ain't Nobody's Business Living In The Light Ronnie_Earl___Broadcasters_-_Ain_t_Nobody_s_Business.mp3 5
Root Doctor Keep Our Business Off The Stre Change Our Ways Root_Doctor_-_Keep_Our_Business_Off_The_Streets.mp3 6.1
Root Doctor Love Bones Been a Long Time Coming Root_Doctor_-_Love_Bones.mp3 5
Root Doctor My Foolish Pride Been a Long Time Coming Root_Doctor_-_My_Foolish_Pride.mp3 6.2
Root Doctor Reconsider Baby Live At the Cadillac Club Root_Doctor_-_Reconsider_Baby.mp3 5
Root Doctor Too Late To Try To Do Right Been a Long Time Coming Root_Doctor_-_Too_Late_To_Try_To_Do_Right.mp3 5
Roy Young Beautiful Memphis 09_Beautiful.mp3 3.1
Roy Young Don't Call It Love Memphis 01_Don_t_Call_It_Love.mp3 5
Roy Young Everybody Hurts Memphis 03_Everybody_Hurts.mp3 4.2
Roy Young Lamplighter Memphis 06_Lamplighter.mp3 5
Roy Young So Strange Memphis 02_So_Strange.mp3 5
Roy Young So Strange Memphis Roy_Young-So_Strange-Memphis-121755-128_44_jst.mp3 5
Roy Young The Age Of Sadness Memphis 05_The_Age_Of_Sadness.mp3 4.4
Roy Young Turn Right at Midnight Memphis 08_Turn_Right_at_Midnight.mp3 7.3
Santana Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile) Ultimate Santana 06_Europa__Earth_s_Cry_Heaven_s_Smile_.mp3 6.3
Santana Oye Como Va Oye Como Va (Single) Santana-Oye_Como_Va-Oye_Como_Va__Single_-9144-128_44_jst.mp3 4.7
Santana Oye Como Va The Essential 3.0 Santana Santana_-_Oye_Como_Va.mp3 5
Santana Practice What You Preach Borboletta 05_Practice_What_You_Preach.mp3 5
Santana Samba Pa Ti Abraxas Santana_-_Samba_Pa_Ti.mp3 6.3
Savoy Brown Hellbound Train Hellbound Train Savoy_Brown_-_Hellbound_Train.mp3 5
Savoy Brown I'll Make Everything Alright Hellbound Train Savoy_Brown_-_I_ll_Make_Everything_Alright.mp3 4.5
Savoy Brown It'll Make You Happy Hellbound Train Savoy_Brown_-_It_ll_Make_You_Happy.mp3 6.1
Savoy Brown Lost And Lonely Child Hellbound Train Savoy_Brown_-_Lost_And_Lonely_Child.mp3 2.1
Scratchtown That's My Beer Single Scratchtown_-_That_s_My_Beer.mp3 5
Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies Shakin' The Blues The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies 01_Shakin__The_Blues.mp3 6.3
SheilaMark Blues Band Black Velvet A Presence of the Blues SheilaMark_Blues_Band_-_Black_Velvet.mp3 4.9
SheilaMark Blues Band Let The Good Times Roll A Presence of the Blues SheilaMark_Blues_Band_-_Let_The_Good_Times_Roll.mp3 5
Shirley Scott Dreamsville Latin Shadows Shirley_Scott_-_Dreamsville.mp3 5
Sons Of Champlin Get High Secret Sons_Of_Champlin_-_Get_High.mp3 5
Sons Of Champlin Gold Mine Secret Sons_Of_Champlin_-_Gold_Mine.mp3 5
Sons Of Champlin Hip Li'l Dreams Hip Li'l Dreams Sons_Of_Champlin_-_Hip_Li_l_Dreams.mp3 6.4
Sons Of Champlin Hold On/For Joy Secret Sons_Of_Champlin_-_Hold_On_For_Joy.mp3 5.8
Sons Of Champlin I'm Not Your Lover Hip Li'l Dreams Sons_Of_Champlin_-_I_m_Not_Your_Lover.mp3 5
Sons Of Champlin Look Out Secret Sons_Of_Champlin_-_Look_Out.mp3 4.5
Sons Of Champlin Poppa Can Play Secret Sons_Of_Champlin_-_Poppa_Can_Play.mp3 4.6
Sons Of Champlin Rooftop Secret Sons_Of_Champlin_-_Rooftop.mp3 1.6
Sons Of Champlin Saved By The Grace Of Your Lov Loving Is Why Sons_Of_Champlin_-_Saved_By_The_Grace_Of_Your_Love.mp3